IFC | Picture Your Impact

Photography, Creative Direction, Icon Design

We partnered with the IFC to create a poster series to raise awareness about the company's waste for Earth Day. My group of four was tasked with the visualizing the number plastic water bottles the company uses. Along with the poster, we designed banner images and I personally designed the selected identity design.

The poster was installed for Earth Day in the entry rotunda for IFC.

My Role | Logo design, ideation, poster design
Kristyna Lindovska | Web images, ideation
Anike Skeete | Web images, ideation
Keekee Winslow | Photography, ideation, poster design
My logo concept was chosen for the entire poster series. It was implemented on all four group posters.
The group not only designed the poster but also web banners to deployed to all the international offices.
We experimented with different ways of displaying the bottles. To create the biggest impact and visualize the waste being created we decided on a composition where the employee is being overwhelmed by the bottles.
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