Branding, Icon Design

A redesign for a local bike shop that elevates the brand from a mom and pop shop to a nation-wide brand system. The logo incorporates the four brand categories: road, city, electric and mountain.

Rebranding The classic bike shop
A local bike shop was taken as a case study for this specific rebrand. The aim of the project was to change brand perception from generic and quaint to innovative and experienced so as to build brand awareness and distinguish the company from local competition.
Creating a Design System
Young to middle aged professionals with cycling experience

Road, city, electric and mountain bikes

Experienced, innovative and approachable

Final Logos
Extending the Brand
Branding Collateral and Accessories
Stickers to be given away when bikes are purchased as well as for brand awareness. Stickers would come in both 2"x2" size was well as 3"x3" size.
Water bottles would also be complimentary with bike purchase as well as for sale in the store.
LEFT: Business cards for employees featuring their specialty.

RIGHT: Information cards for customers to take with them with notes from their visit.
The white shirts would be for sale for the public. The color shirts are for the employees. Each employee would have access to all four shirts but would be encouraged to wear the color that they consider their specialty.
Vehicle Wrapper and In-Store Graphics
Online Presence

The social media presence of Tandem.

The flowchart for the Tandem website.

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